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All of our physicians are board certified with the American Board of Pediatrics.

Physician owned Salinas based practice since 1981

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Due to Covid-19, our Walk-In Clinic is temporarily closed. Please click the button below to call our office and schedule an appointment..

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Our Services

Our practice is available to meet all of your children’s needs; whether it is for preventative care, for sick visits, for injuries or for hospital care. We are here for you.

Open house for expecting parents to visit the office and meet the doctors

Complete newborn care with parenting advice

Well visits with immunizations

Physicals for daycare or school entry or for sports participation

Sick Visits

Currently suspended – Walk-in Clinic for established patients. Monday – Friday from 8:00 – 8:45 a.m.

Visits to care for injuries including minor skin wounds to orders for x-rays and referrals for more specialized care to orthopedics for broken bones and joint injuries

Partners in care with timely referrals to Stanford Medical Center in Palo Alto or University of California Medical Center (UCSF), San Francisco when patients need more specialized attention

Our physicians have admitting privileges at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital in case a child needs to be hospitalized

Care and resources for families dealing with weight management

Many in-house lab tests are performed such as strep and flu testing, urinalysis, and many screening tests

Patients are referred to a clinical laboratory for more complex testing

Ear piercing

Newborn circumcisions

Flu Shot Clinic –

Flu shot clinics are being scheduled weekly.

Please call the office for availability of appointments.

Our Team

Our team is available to meet all of the children’s’ needs whether it’s for preventative well care with immunizations, for follow up care, sick visits or to treat injuries.

  • As a physician owned practice, our dedicated team is here to serve you just as we have been doing for generations of families since 1981!

  • All of our physicians are board certified with the American Board of Pediatrics.

  • We have nursing staff available for advice during regular business hours, while our providers are available during office hours and by phone for after-hours emergency care or advice.

Pediatricians and Partners

Reid Giedt, Jr., M.D.

Jerrie G. Lim, M.D.

Christine C. McCuistion, M.D.

In association with

Tonya Blakemore, M.D.

 Jennae Lee, M.D.

Amy Winter, M.D.

Robert S. Naimark, M.D.

Respectfully retired

Dr. Lewis Cantor, founder, retired 2017

Dr. James Brennan, 7/24/50 – 4/18/18

Now resting in peace

Supported by

Patty Martin-Claspell, Practice Administrator

Administrative staff

Alicia Prado, LVN (not yet pictured)

Triage Nurse

Cathi Ewing, R.N.

Nursing Department Supervisor

Our Medical Assistants


We are here to make medical decisions and medical support easier for mothers and fathers. We have lined out common questions and helpful links below. If you have other questions or concerns not covered, please call our office and we will gladly help in anyway that we can.


Our first baby is about to be born. What do we need to know?

“Step 1” Choose a pediatrician – We have open house every other month on Wednesday evenings for expecting parents. You can come meet a couple of the pediatricians and get advice on where to start, when to bring your child to the doctor and what to do after the baby is born.

“Step 2” Tell the hospital who the pediatrician is that will be caring for your baby as soon as he or she is born. 



What if my child needs to be hospitalized?

  • Pacific Coast Pediatrics pediatricians will guide the care of children who are hospitalized. Your child will encounter the familiar faces of our doctors each day he or she is at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital.
  • The pediatricians will order tests and monitor the results. They will order all of the child’s care provided or performed by the nursing staff and they will coordinate the care if specialists need to be brought on board to provide more specific and specialized care of the child. The pediatricians will also guide referral to a more specialized facility if needed and will also guide follow up care for the child.


If you have received a bill and would like to make a payment online, please click our payment button.

Our goal is to establish and maintain a good physician-patient/family relationship. Letting you know our financial policy in advance allows for a good flow of communication and enables us to achieve our goal. Should you have any questions do not hesitate to speak with our financial department staff.

Please note: patient or parent herein will be referred to as “patient”.

Insurance Questions

  • Patients with Insurance
  • Secondary Insurance
  • HMO Insurance Plans
Patients with Insurance

We are contracted with many insurance carriers and are pleased to bill them directly for the patient. It is best to check with insurance company prior to scheduling an appointment just to be sure that the visit coverage is active and the visit will be covered.

Please Note: The practice is currently not able to accept certain HMO plans or new CCAH/Medi-Cal plans.

Please provide us with a copy of insurance card(s) and parent’s photo ID or Driver’s license. If a copayment or deductible is part of the insurance plan, we require that the patient’s portion is paid at the time of service.

Secondary Insurance

The patient has secondary insurance? No problem…Be sure that both insurance companies know which insurance is primary and which insurance is secondary.

For example, insurance companies follow the birthday rule when both parents have insurance on a child. Whichever parent has the birthday that falls earliest in the year, is the holder of the PRIMARY insurance. The parent with the birthday that falls later in the year is the holder of the SECONDARY insurance.

If the child has insurance through a parent and also has Medi-Cal or Central California Alliance for Health (CCAH), the CCAH insurance is always secondary to the private insurance. To avoid problems at appointment time, CCAH must be made aware that the patient has other health coverage or primary insurance prior to scheduling an appointment.

Once the primary insurance has processed the claim and provided us with an explanation of benefits (EOB), we will then bill the secondary insurance along with a copy of the EOB from the primary insurance carrier.

HMO Insurance Plans

There are now some HMO plans which cover medical practices in Monterey County. Please be sure that the name of one of our physicians is listed on the card prior to scheduling an appointment. Some HMO Plans do not provide coverage in Monterey County. Patients with an HMO Plan/Insurance card from outside the area are encouraged to contact the insurance carrier for details of the HMO coverage. Any unpaid charges and balance left by the insurance company will be the responsibility of the patient.

Note: It is the responsibility of the parents to understand the child(ren)’s insurance coverage. If the patient’s insurance card has an outside physician named on the card, coverage for our office will not be paid by the insurance carrier. The practice will not bill any insurance that has an outside doctor listed on the card.

Understanding Insurance phrasing on your statement

  • How much do I really owe
  • Partial payment of claims
  • Insurance Denials or Nonpayment of claims
  • Private Pay Patients
How much do I really owe

Along the bottom of the statement parents will notice the aging of insurance claims and patient responsibility. Insurance amounts are from claims which are still outstanding from the insurance company. If the claims are under 60 days old, the patient may wait until the insurance company sends an explanation of benefits (EOB) to the patient and sends the payment to our office.

The patient is not yet responsible for these amounts. However, if there is an amount under the heading 60 days or older, please contact the insurance company to check if there is a problem with a claim.  Once claims are paid, the amount due from the patient will then shift to the “PATIENT” patient responsibility showing on the statements. The patient is responsible for the amount listed in the lower right hand box labeled, “PLEASE PAY THIS AMOUNT”.

Partial payment of claims

Once the explanation of benefits (EOB) and payment are received from the insurance company, the balance is then immediately due and payable by the patient within 30 days.

Insurance Denials or Nonpayment of claims

Once a denial is received from an insurance company the balance is immediately the responsibility of the parent/guarantor. The balance is then due and payable within 30 days. It is the responsibility of the parent/guarantor to handle any disputes directly with the insurance company. A patient service phone number is located on the back of the insurance card.

Private Pay Patients

If the patient has no medical insurance, payment for services is to be paid at the time of the visit. This is true unless arrangements have been made with our financial department prior to the visit. Children without insurance are eligible for free vaccinations under California’s Vaccines for Children (VFC) program and available through Monterey County Department of Health. If you have questions, please inquire with the receptionist.

Other information you must know

  • Newborn Insurance Coverage
  • Payment Plans
  • Custodial/Financial Responsibility
  • Checks returned for Non-sufficient funds
Newborn Insurance Coverage

Most health insurance provided by an employer or privately obtained, allows 30 days to add a newborn to an insurance plan. It is the parent’s responsibility to contact the insurance company as soon as possible after the baby is born in order to have the coverage retro-activated back to the baby’s date of birth.

Please note:

    • If a parent misses this 30 day window and fails to inform the employer and/or insurance carrier, the coverage will not be in effect for the child and the parents will be responsible for the balance on the account.
  • Babies are very rarely covered under grandparent’s insurance even if the mother is covered by her parent.

If the baby will have coverage through Central California Alliance for Health (CCAH), the parent must contact his or her case worker immediately to enroll the baby as an individual. The baby is only covered for the first 30 days under the mother CCAH coverage.

Payment Plans

Parents/guarantors may request the option of paying the balance in monthly increments by contacting the billing department to set up a specific payment plan. The billing department can be reached Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Custodial/Financial Responsibility

Pacific Coast Pediatrics will not be responsible for disputes regarding divorce, custody, and financial responsibility. The custodial parent, and /or the parent who brings the child or children to the clinic will be responsible for the account. The office will have no involvement in any financial responsibility disputes between parents and/or insurance subscriber responsibility.

Checks returned for Non-sufficient funds

It is our clinics policy to charge a $25.00 Not Sufficient Funds (NFS) fee for all returned checks. This fee is billed in addition to the original amount owed.



    Spanish friendly staff/Amable personal bilingue


    Monday – Friday 8:00 – 5:00

    After-hours urgent care:

    Saturday and holiday morning urgent care by appointment, 8:00-10:30.


    A doctor is on call, 24 hours/7days per week

    Call 831-757-8124 to get connected to a doctor through our answering service


    Monday – Friday 9:00 – 5:00 


    CALL FOR INFORMATION AND TO SCHEDULE   –    (831) 757-8124

    We kindly request 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule appointments.

    Please note: There is a charge for appointments cancelled or rescheduled on short notice or for missed appointments.



    Established patients are welcome to come to our walk-in clinic for initial onset of symptoms. 

    Monday – Friday, 8:00 – 8:45 (except holidays)

    Patients with symptoms that have been going on for more than a day or so, may be asked to make an appointment. Patients may be triaged prior to being accepted to be seen during this clinic time.

    Not available during our walk-in clinic are other services such as: follow-up visits for simple or chronic care and preventative care or well visits and immunizations.

    Please call if you have questions or to schedule an appointment for these and other services.


    260 San Jose St.

    Salinas CA 93901


    Spanish friendly staff

    Amable personal bilingue